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I. Introduction
General information(name,age,occupation)
Physical appearance
Where I born
II. Paragraph 1

What I like and dislike
*Things that I like (music,food,TV programs)

*Things that I dislike (Fruits,colors)

III. Paragraph 2

Plans for the near future
*Get a job before finishing the BA

*Finish the BA

*Buy a car

IV. Paragraph 3

Plans for further future
*Look for a scholarship for a master degree.

*Create an institute of English


V. Conclusion

Information about me
My likes and dislikes
My plans to the future.


Hello, my name is Andrea. I´m twenty-one years old. I’m a student from the BA in English Language Teaching. I´m in the third semester of the BA and I have to say that this major seems to be good. But let´s talk more about me. I´m a girl who has black hair. I wear glasses. My height is 1.67 m. I´m kind of thin. At the present, I live in Aguascalientes and where I was born was in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco.

I want to share my likes and dislikes with you. First, the things that I like. I like to eat pasta because Italian food is my favorite food. Also I like Mexican food like tamales, enchiladas and burritos. Another thing that I like is music. The kind of music that I prefer the most is pop genre. Also I listen to rock music, but not the heavy one. Those are my favorite kinds of music that I like to listen and to sing, even I`m not a good singer. The last thing that I want to share, talking about my likes is the T.V. programs that I prefer to watch. Those programs are Grey`s Anatomy, The first 48, The Simpson, Scrubs, Cold case, among others. These are things that I like, but also there are other things that I dislike. For example, fruits that I don´t like are: papaya, pear, and prickly pear. Another thing that I hate is some colors like yellow color and orange color. These likes and dislikes were the most important that you should know about me.

As I said before I`m a student, and I have some plans to my life while I`m doing it. In first place, I want to get a job as an English teacher before I finish the BA because that job will give me the experience that I will need as a teacher.
Also I would like to earn my own money. In second place, I will finish the career on time. I hope that it be really on time. In third place, I will buy a car with the money that I save. Because now it is very important to get a car, especially if a teacher has more than one job at different schools.

Those were just some plans for the future, but also I have some plans too for my further future. First, I want to look for a scholarship because I would like to do a master´s degree. I would like to do it in London. I think that if I have a master, I will be a better teacher. Second, I want to open my own English school in my town where people can have access to learn English in the best way and quality. Third, after I achieve those plans I want to take a break for traveling. I would like to go to Miami or maybe Sydney. That would be great.

Finally, I want to say that was a pleasure to share with you my identity, my likes and dislikes and my plans. Those things are the ones that are part of my life. And talking about my plans I hope that I can accomplish them in the right moment.

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