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T.S. Weddings may vary from country to country and it depends on its culture.

Body paragraphs:

Paragraph 1

M.I. Wedding before getting married it is necessary the proposal, but in the western is different than in the Islamic culture.

a) Western culture
b) Islamic culture

Paragraph 2

M.I The clothes of the bride and groom

a) Western culture
b) Islamic culture

Paragraph 3

M.I. Kinds of ceremonies in both cultures

a) Western culture
b) Islamic culture


Only one thing share in common that is to stay with the person that yoy love for the rest of your life.


Weddings around the globe

Do you know how weddings in different parts of the world are? Many of us have been in a wedding and we have seen that the ceremony is the same in our culture, but what about other cultures, are weddings the same to our own culture? As we know weddings may vary from country to country and it depends on its culture.

Usually, for many cultures before getting married it is necessary the proposal. For example, in the western culture the proposal is different to the Islamic culture. First, in a Western culture it is a tradition that the groom gives a ring to the girl and he asks her if she wants to get married. In contrast, in the Islamic culture the proposal occurs in a different way. The father of the groom and their close relatives visit the home of the bride to ask for her hand in marriage. It involves negotiations between the families and they have a legal agreement.

Another difference that makes the weddings different in the Western culture and in Islamic culture is the clothes of the bride and groom. In western weddings, the bride wears a white gown and the groom wears a tuxedo. However, in Islamic weddings the bride wears a dress of color black with something red. Also she has all the face covered. Bride`s hands and feet are decorated with henna. It symbolizes health, beauty, and luck. In addition, they use a lot of jewelry.

As the cultures are different in both kinds of weddings the ceremony has to be different. In western ceremonies are in this way: the bride walks to the altar in the church to join the groom. They play religious songs and read the Christian scriptures. The bride and the groom exchange the vows and finally, the wedding kiss. On the contrary, in the Islamic culture they do a henna party for the bride. In this party the groom performs a special dance with swords. Also men and women sit separately and guests bring gifts to the bride. When the bride and the groom enter in their new house they meet for the first time, then they are officially married.

As we saw weddings are different in every country and it is because of the culture. Not all the weddings are the same because each couple gives a special touch to their wedding according to their cultural beliefs. Weddings seem to be different in the world, but only one thing share in common to stay with the person that you love for the rest of your life.

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  1. Hii Sexy Andre!!

    I like very much your essay!!

    You choose an interesting topic, I enjoy reading about how each culture celebrates certain rites, holidays, ceremonies... so it was a pleasure to read your essay!

    Well I had told you about one or two ideas that were not very clear and you corrected them in class, so I have no more comments about your essay !!

    Take caree Andre!!

  2. Hi Andre: I think that your essay is very interesting, because your increasing your readers's general culture. The topic is original. Just as a suggestion in the paragraph where you described the clothes that the bride uses in the islamic culture, you say: "The dress is black with SOMETHING red", I consider that you should specify more what is that. Another especification is about the henna that the bride uses probably if you wrote:" Henna Tatoos in her arms or something like that, you give at your readers a more complete idea.

    Good job girl, because you essay shows a previous investigation from you about the topic.